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Embassy Activities

Women Entrepreneurs Receive Training

The communities of Pikin Slee, Futunakaba, Bendikwai, and Gaantatai recently came together with Women's Busines Group, the Ministry of Industry and the Maroon Museum for an Entrepreneurship training in the interior.

The training was six days long, across three weekends in late November and was hosted by the Maroon Museum in Pikin Slee.  Women's Business Group led the project and provided the trainers, using funding from the Ministry of Industry.  The training reached 40 entrepreneurs in the four villages and covered a range of business topics such as marketing, customer service, and accounting.

The project was coordinated by Peace Corps Volunteers and their community counterparts, stemming from a needs assessment done in the communities by the Volunteers at the request of local businesses.  The training was very well received and the participants offered strongly positive feedback throughout at at the end of the training.