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How long will it take to get my visa?

All visa applicants should apply as far in advance of their anticipated travel as possible, but not less than three weeks during normal travel periods and at least six weeks in advance of travel that will begin during the peak periods (March 15 – April 15; July 15- September 30; and November 15 – December 31.

Approved applicants will be told when they may pick up their passports.
There is no assurance of the issuance of a visa, there could always be a situation on any given case for further administrative processing, that cannot be determined until the visa application. Therefore, final travel plans or the purchase of non refundable tickets should not be made until a visa has been issued.  Applicants must not wait until the last moment to apply.

The non-immigrant visas are handled on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Visa applications are received one day, and if the applicant qualifies, the visa process takes a minimum of 24 hours to complete. Applications approved on Thursdays, should be ready for pick up on Mondays.